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Opticon EP

by Opticon

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Opticon was a group of friends from northeast Pennsylvania.
Members went on to form other bands and projects such as New Miseries, Kuato, and Wasting Seasons, which led to other projects such as Fresian, Rattling Cage, and Folian.

Opticon as a live band was:

Richard Blackmore - Drums, Guitar
John Blackmore - Guitar
David Fylstra - Guitar, Drums
Krzysztof Klein - samples, lights
Joe Vena - Bass
Robby Vena - Vocals

"The CD has so many twists and turns in terms of sound. In the beginning I felt like I was listening to a Poison the Well song. Heavy chords and hard hitting cymbals. How can you not head bang to that? Though it’s not my thing, they actually do the Acacia Strain dirty chord break down deal and make it sound good with their music. None of the break downs come out of no where or feel forced, and I like that. I can’t help but hear a lot of Misery Signals in most of the songs as well. That’s just the main themes of the EP though. What really stuck out were the great Sabbath influenced stoner rock parts that would come in, along with some nice more experimental and ambient sounding guitar riffs. The end of “Dreams and Elegies” is a great example. I wouldn’t necessarily label this band “stoner metal”, but the influence is there." - Inherit The Wasteland


released May 23, 2008

Drums and vocals recorded using only the built-in iMac microphone.
Guitar, Bass, and samples/other sounds recorded line-in.

Recorded and Mixed by David S. Fylstra at Chateau Negative, April 2008.

Opticon on this recording was:
Robby Vena - vocals
David Fylstra - guitar, drums, bass, samples, additional vocals
Richard Blackmore - drums, guitar

Krzysztof Klein - additional samples on "Dreams and Elegies"
John Blackmore - guitar on "Sunless", additional vocals on "Dreams and Elegies"
Omari Nikolis - additional vocals on "Dreams and Elegies"


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Opticon Pennsylvania

Smoke Doom.

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Track Name: Sunless
This is a cry of desperation
An answer to my every dream
The overcast will haze my lungs
With a sun too dim to see
The hearts of those I love
Marked grey cast out to sea
I’ve broken hearts like empty bottles
Now they’ll burn out and die for me

Drink to the death of admiration
And open wide for “woe is me”
For every hour I rest these eyes
I lose a year of hope for me

Someday I’ll beg god to break my fall
A monument of tired words
Will later rot and give to fall
A commemoration of empty arms
Still too dead to feel it all
Suburban love tryst
I’m shaking knives at willing wrists
And I want out come next fall

Retrace my steps to home
Reacquainted with a love for loss
I’ll offer myself to her
Remembering that we once were
Track Name: Dreams and Elegies
Dreams and Elegies
One last look around this place
I kick through broken glass
There’s no more love to chase
Back doors always end the same
I step out to a crowd
But none of them know my name
Blackened eyes and tired lungs
Cry out to the one
I’ve tried so hard to touch
I pray out loud for broken homes
And am answered by an endless season of cold
Empty skies become a “welcome home”
To the cold hearted killer of “this is all I know”
If only in life there were second chances
To make amends and retire our romances
Dying young would be the new black
So drink to all of this misery
Let’s slit our throats for the memories
May we bleed beneath the stars with dignity
This is what I fucking call humanity
And it’s this time around
That I’ll embrace all separation
Give way to sincere attempts at admiration
I arranged a date with destiny
But she left me hanging at the door

Show me true love
And I’ll hand you a heart worth loving

And I often wonder how many songs
It will take to heal your every last bruise
I’m running out of tears to clear the dust
I’m running out of faces I can truly trust
This is the eulogy for my every dream I let rust

“Letting go” was never a song written solo

This is a farewell kiss
To a life I’ve come to “love”
Track Name: Rose Pillars
Rose Pillars
In latter days I felt dead to reflection
Six days to decades I hold hope in this grave
When will this tired age ever fucking end for me?
When every early death still makes sense to me
And every tree-wrapped car doesn’t envy me
This time in sunset I see
A cold case you-and-me tragedy

And it’s almost fucking sad to see
Torn-body as ill-equipped as this travesty
I am the cynic without a voice
I am the lonely child without a choice
Just some sucker with a thing for those left for dead
Hangs head to desperate lovers
With guilt of rape inside their beds
But it’s when you fucking ran for cover
That my heart took aim like a gun
Incapable savior of victims of this fucking slum
My words only a mid-air signal to the gods
Who just turn the fuck away

This was the pillar of false hope that I prayed would mark my grave
And you were the only one I thought my love could fucking save

Every dead-end suburban road is crying out for you
I’m standing at the water’s edge and the memories still burn right through
Every song is testament to how long I’ve tried to forget you
I’ll I have are the recollections of glances across crowded rooms
They’re constant reminder of all that I could never do

Every god damn breath I breathe is yours
Forever in wishing that I never would have met you
I’d be living without the pain of having to lose you
It’s not that we were never good enough
What’s meant to be has an expiration date
All the times we’ll never have again
Will playback forever inside of me
Track Name: Starving Artists
Starving Artists

Just fucking take what you chase
If this is all you're willing to give in return
Seize your way into acceptance till your coughing up dirt
It's fire against fire now; you're the one getting burned
Its nights like these that it doesn't seem too far in the past
I must be too conscious for the "self-righteous" class
Let's kickoff this ending with a toast to bad beginnings
Commemorate the day I fell head first into all you never had
Five years of barely speaking and teenage soul searching
Hands high for lost friends, and those you wrote off for dead
If you'd ask anyone around you for once, they'd say you're fucked in the head
Is it our lack of things in common that kicks in your teeth?
I'm sorry I had to leave this place; life gave me hope to chase
And if the addicts and victims were what you never knew
Then a three year head struggle was a historic end for you

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